Sunday, September 28, 2014

pre-Zomtober post


Ah, autumn, when pumpkins and fake cobwebs appear in front of stores nationwide, there's a bit of a lovely chill in the air, and a gamer's thoughts turn to the undead. And for us, that can only mean... Zomtober.

Despite my faltering at the end of last year's event, I'm coming back for more. For the big list of upcoming eye candy, go here or here. As always it's not just about challenging myself to, you know, finish painting things, but also to drink in all the delicious inspiration from my fellow Zomtober participants. 

Now, I was toying with the idea of cheating this year and going with 15mm walkers, but it's been a 28mm kind of year, so let's go with this instead:

In proper zed fashion, there's plenty more where these come from.

My ambitious selection comes from last year's Zombicide II bounty. With so many wonderful pre-assembled, pre-based shamblers, how can you go wrong? They're perfect for any modern-era zombie game, such as 7ombie (or even the upcoming S.D.Z.A. that I know more than a couple of you are watching.)

No, I don't think I will get through all nine. I will definitely be aiming for four, anyhing after that will be icing on the rotting, fleshy cake.

I was so tempted to go for the grayscale black-and-white paint jobs, as seen elsewhere, but I think that might be ambitious for my deadlines. We'll see.

And while I have you here, don't forget that the Studio Miniatures kickstarter is entering the home stretch. I've put off picking up many of their zombies for far too long now, and this is a great opportunity to play catchup. Perfect for fans of certain TV shows, a popular horror video game, and certain classic movies. Check it out, you'll find something to tempt you.

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