Friday, January 2, 2015

ambition for the new year

Games I want to play more of in 2015, alphabetically:
* 7tv/7ombieTV/7th Voyage
* Bushido
* Pulp City

Games I want to try out in 2015, alphabetically:
* Batman
* Dark Age
* Relic Knights
* Wolsung
* Wrath of Kings
I never have enough time to game, much less prep and paint all the miniatures and terrain I want to for said games (or even for all the minis I buy, whoops.) So I try to plan for games I am playing, and games I want to play (and games the crew wants to play.) Prepping for the future is always a crap shoot, but luckily you'll notice some distinct overlap with the settings and themes of the above games.

Side note: looking at the big list of games I have (don't ask) and figs I've obtained (really, it's embarrassingly long, don't ask) one weird thing I have seen is that I really don't play a lot of fantasy games. Like, at all. Steampunk, yes, but that's not the same. Bushido is fantasy, but falls into that nebulous and poorly-named Oriental/Far East genre. You'd think with fantasy being such a stable of gaming, I'd have something swords-and-sorcery as a go-to selection, but nope. 


  1. Great intentions for the new year! I have very similar interests! Distractions and time are also an issue for me!

  2. Good luck in all those targets PMMDJ! :)

    1. Danke. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Or something. Heh.

  3. Nothing wrong with ambition dude! Good luck with it all.

  4. Arch Stanton! Best to you in 2015!