Saturday, January 17, 2015

checking out the Dead Earth

Across the Dead Earth first came to my attention when its Kickstarter was recommended by some of the Facebook regulars. I've been interested in the post-apocalyptic genre for a bit, and the descriptions seemed to fit the bill: close to modern near future, low model count, skirmish, ability to make your own group, etc. I picked up the PDF of the rules, and I have to admit, it's intriguing. The luminaries at Beasts of War have been bandying it around as well, and the game is building a nice little community of players as well. The link for the Facebook group is here.

And those fine chaps at Dead Earth Games have made the first PDF newsletter/magazine thingy available for free online. The Rough Guide to the Dead Earth is thirty-one pages of a window into the setting, detailing a new gang, an interesting scenario and batrep, and more.

Download it now by following the link below:

I haven't actually picked up a gang yet (although I have plenty of figs around the house I could use in a pinch) but the upcoming Murder of Crows sounds right up my alley. Hope to find time to try it out with the locals before too long. The game is set in the UK, but the first expansion book will be covering the United States (titled 'From Sea to Poisoned Sea,' which is simply a great name.) It will also reportedly bring in the Sollus, certain shambling types who are the scourge of the survivors of the Last War. 

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