Tuesday, January 27, 2015

unexpected surprise!

Just recently, I was picking on Aaron for bailing on the Bushido challenge from last month. (This is mainly because Aaron is a great painter, unlike me, and I need to get these things in when I can.) Tragically, I can no longer pick on him about that, because it turns out he chose to skip the challenge to sneak in painting presents for Mo and myself! So outta nowhere, he hands these two Hasslefree treasures over to me, fully painted.

Knowing my love for the Hunger Games books*, he painted up Laurie, including an incredible freehand mockingjay graffiti on the base.

Seriously, fantastic stuff.

Next up was Sgt. Spanner, painted up faithfully as everyone's favorite, Captain Hammer. The pic makes it look more shiny than it is, but yes, the symbol on the chest is freehand as well.

I am spoiled.

* - I also love the movies, but I love the books slightly more.