Thursday, January 24, 2013

comparing Pangalactic Legion with Jasmine Throne

As mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been looking forward to the Khurasan Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion for a long while now, so I can do my own 15mm version of the Alien Legion.  My version will be the Nomad Legion, aliens from a thousand suns, taking the jobs no one else wants. And when Rebel Minis surprised us with the Pangalactic Legion last year, I knew they’d be a great complement to the concept. For my army, they will represent the Nomad Legion recon units, sent ahead to secure key positions and gather crucial intel fast.

But how do they size up next to each other? It’s a little more complicated, since the Khurasan figs, while slightly larger on average, have a wide range of heights (and widths and lengths, heh.) But I think you can see from the pics below, they will line up nicely. The Pangalactics may average slightly shorter, but the style is a match for my eye.

[In the interest of space, Rebel Pangalactic Legion will be abbreviated as RPL, and Khurasan Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion will be abbreviated as KJT.]

Zombiesmith Guuk, RPL, Blue Moon Aquan, KJT, RPL, HOF Octopod, KJT (Quar!)

RPL, Oddzial Osmy Worm, KJT, RPL, KJT, RPL, Superfigs/Old Glory Ookla, Khurasan Kontrol.

Critical Mass Kaamados, RPL, KJT, RPL, KJT, GZG Crusty, GZG Spider Drone.

HOF Draccian, RPL, KJT, RPL, KT, GZG Civilian, KJT (Garn!)

Blue Moon Twanax, RPL, KJT, RPL, KJT, Khurasan Sponk.

RPL, Micropanzer Krystrial Soldier, KJT, RPL, KJT, Hot Wheels Swamp Buggy

RPL, GZG Scifi Egyptian, KJT, RPL, KJT, Matchbox Armored Response Vehicle

If you have any other requests for size comparisons with these, let me know, I will see what I have in my collection I can do up. I am always accepting donations if you really want those pictures, of course! Heh.
Still deciding on vehicles to use; will need at least a couple dropships. Thinking military-style khaki for the uniforms, maybe an olive drab, if it doesn't look too dark in 15mm. Hopefully have a few units painted by the time Cold Wars rolls around.

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