Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Caen: Germans vs. Canadians

To date, I don't quite get why I enjoy Flames of War. I don't typically like games with multibase models. I don't do any other historical games. The rules are simple, yes, but not that simple, nor that elegant. Some people compare it to 40k, but there's no essence of "codex-itis" that really, for me, defines the Games Workshop Experience.

Well, whatever the reason, I have found a certain charm in it. While my not-Germans slowly get assembled, I've borrowed a bevy of Canadian tanks from my cohort Imam, and last week, sat down to face off against Maurice's Germans.

I set up bottom right, Maurice on the top left.

On the outskirts of Caen, his German Panzer Lehr force took on my Canadian Armored Squadron. 1700 points (because that's how much I had assembled; turned out I was wrong after all, and had to borrow a couple stands. Heh.) Rolled for the scenario, and we got Dust Up. Two objectives in our own table corner to defend, with reserves coming in on the other side of the board to try and dislodge the enemy from their objectives. Rough! I won the roll to set up first, and took the ruins, hoping that I could use the cover and keep the Germans out in the open and harried by my tanks. That was the theory, anyways.

The German side of things. Panzers, Panthers, Howitzers, and something called a Königstiger. Eep.

I came loaded for bear with many, many Shermans, Fireflies to back them up, some reece, and a random Motor Platoon to sit around near the objectives and not get anything done. Oh, and all under the watchful eye of a Typhoon to provide air support.

The forests ran with the maple syrup of my fallen heroes.

I didn't take great notes, but that was really for the best. I sent out some tanks, and the Germans showed me exactly how tough they were. Four tanks sallied forth, four tanks got shot up for their trouble. Yow. Veteran German armor is a tough nut to crack. Luckily, I inadvertently brought along one nutcracker.

"15% of all proceeds go to the continuing fight against foo."

Pictured above, my "Typhoon" does a number on the Königstiger. Yes, the model I used for the Typhoon was in fact a UFO ('captured foo fighter') from Monsterpocalypse. I did mention I really don't play historical games, right? Heh. But yeah, thanks to some dynamite rolls, the Typhoon was one of my two MVPs for the day. Took out the Königstiger and remained a thorn in the Germans' side all day long.

German armor taking up position to defend the road.

Brave Canadian reinforcements rush the dug-in Germans.

After repeately smashing myself headlong into the fortified enemy, the Germans finally got their own reinforcements, and came in to town to dig us out of our beaver holes. Pictured above is my other MVP f the game. At this point, things were definitely pointing to a German rout. A kraut rout, if you will. Turns earlier in the game, my second-in-command was shut down, and took over a Staghound armored car from the reece platoon. And just when the hour was darkest, the 2iC floors the gas pedal and takes out a couple of the German reinforcements closing in on our objectives! Not enough to turn things around, mind you, but it definitely put the fire back in things.

A last-ditch effort to dig out the German artillery in the backfield, and seize the rear objective. It... didn't work. The Germans took the field and the day.

What did I learn? Aircraft, rolled well, is super scary. I think the biggest lesson is that Veteran is much stronger than Trained. I think I will be going Vet until I have the rules and tactics down better. And yeah. More Flames is definitely on the docket, especially if I can push to get some Germans of my own on the table before a coupe Kickstarter rewards get shipped. We'll see.


  1. Nice batrep and pics, Love the UFO :D

  2. Paul, I got a whole mess of Hungarians painted for when you wanna play with German toys but not be a kraut.....