Thursday, January 10, 2013

The undiscovered country

The last piece of unfinished business from 2012 is addressing my dramatic failure at the 11+1 challenge. I went in with high hopes and expectations, of course, but in the end, 11+1 added up to five. Yes, the remaining seven all are at least 75% done, but the challenge for myself was really that last 25% anyways. I am notoriously bad about 'finishing' a fig, and detailing was never my forte. I can pretend that the sefadu Mercs team I painted last year makes up for the remainder, or all the 15mm figs I done did, but really, I know that's making excuses. To myself. Better just admit my failure and move on with things.

On to happier thoughts: what will the new year hold in gaming? Part of that is easy, as I coughed in big for both the Reaper Bones and Relic Knights kickstarters. The former doesn't have a game attached, per se, but will add mightily to my painting queue, and likely inspire more fantasy adventures. The latter will be a flurry of painting to get toys on the table. I'm looking forward to the (informal) challenge of both.

Other pending kickstarter investments include 15mm space raptors and an alien host. Blackwater Gulch will definitely see some play time, once we get our new gangs. That's... a lot of painting to do. Hopefully I can just work with the figs I have until those start rolling in, and keep the impulse buying down to a minimum (I mean, until Khurasan or Rebel release the next figs I absolutely must-have.) (Which is like weekly.)

2013 also looks like a revival for AE-WWII and (fingers crossed) Pulp City, both of which I am a big fan. And I suspect all these 15mm zombies I am prepping up and painting will eventually see some 7ombieTV action. Maurice has made noises about Bolt Action in the long term, and Flames of War in the short term. I am amenable to both these theories. I'm pretending he didn't mention SAGA. For now.

Looking forward to selling off more toys I don't need at Cold Wars in March, and I am sure picking up more than a few things there as well. Same for Historicon in July. Looking forward to pleasant surprises at both shows; conventions are great for being blindsided by something you never expected.

New Years is one of my two favorite holidays (the other being Thanksgiving, in case you were curious.) It's an opportunity to mark the passage of time with your friends and family, take stock of how things are going, and what you want to do next. Hope everyone has a great 2013.

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